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Welcome to the Homburg Photography Blog!

We are Karl and Stephanie Homburg, a husband and wife team of portrait and wedding photographers working throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

We love people in love, squishy newborns, energetic toddlers, grown ups who can laugh at themselves, and clients who forget we are taking their picture. We pride ourselves in capturing the moments and details you don't want to forget.

We invite you to take a peek at our most recent sessions, and then contact us to schedule a session of your own!

Fun with The Lahner Family: September 21st, 2008! {Appleton Family Photography}

MENASHA, Wis. Let me start by saying I think parents are pretty cool. Karl and I hope to be parents some day. In fact, most days it is something we really really wish for. And then there are moments when we’re struck with the realization, “Holy COW! That’s a lot of work.” This session was one of those moments, and I am now a firm believer that parents of twins should be nominated for sainthood. And parents of twin boys…you all go straight to the top of the list!

Karl and I were already a little tired when we met up with the Lahner crew on a Sunday afternoon. You see, we had shot a wedding the day before and an engagement session earlier that morning. So we had good reason to be tired, right? Well normally I would say yes, but since two of the men involved in this shoot had just finished running the Fox Cities Marathon, I didn’t think we had any right to complain!

Although it is possible I felt a little like a marathon runner chasing after these guys…

This is Noah. In addition to being a stellar musician, Noah likes looking for bugs (and picking them up), searching for frogs (and picking them up) and peeking under bridges for trolls (we didn’t find any…but he may have picked them up too).

This is Chase. He shares many of the same interests as his twin brother and he plays a mean harmonica. I would say the primary difference between Chase and Noah is Noah was working the camera…and Chase made *us* work a little harder.

The boys brought along their grandparents for an afternoon of fun at Heckrod Wetlands Preserve. Apparently grandparents are funny. Or maybe bridges are funny. Or trolls…

More laughing! I told you we had a good time!

I’m not sure the frog had much fun though…but the boys sure thought it was cool!

Karl captured this during a *brief* quiet moment. I believe this was in between playing with the frog and showing off their baseball skills. Look for Noah to be pitching for the Brewers in a few years!

These two are the reason this whole shoot happened. Barb is one of my very best friends. I can say this because she has gone to yoga with me for the past month and has only laughed once in class. Brad doesn’t go to yoga with us, but he does run. I’m not sure why he feels the need to do that running thing, but he can complete 26.2 miles and still smile for pictures!

Now look at this adorable family portrait. Everyone looks so happy, right? And they’re all glancing in the general direction of the camera. Now what in the world would transform these energetic kids into perfect models?

Bribery, thy name is lollipop! I’m pretty sure Karl and I earned negative parenting points for those. And I’m hoping Jess and Kevin weren’t cursing us the whole way home. For the record, neither child actually finished the pop.

As we were wrapping up the session, I told Noah to go over and tell his mom a secret. I’d like to believe he was saying, “Hey mom…those camera people are pretty cool. Maybe we can do it again sometime? And get another lollipop?”

Lahner Family…Karl and I can’t thank you enough for spending the afternoon with us. I know it took a lot of coordination and plenty of driving to make it happen.

Enjoy your slideshow!

You’ll find your gallery here.

October 4, 2008 - 9:01 am Barb - Thank you, Homburgs. You have seriously outdone yourselves. (Is it wrong that I think that every time you post something on the blog?) And, because I know you're a crier, too, Steph. . . The one of Noah and Chase laying on the ground in black and white totally made me cry.

October 4, 2008 - 10:28 pm Jessica Lahner - Stephanie and Karl ... what gorgeous pictures! You captured Chase and Noah's lively spirits beautifully, and the shots of the adults are wonderful too:) You are both so talented ... I can't believe the beautiful pics that resulted from our time at the reserve. I can't wait to share these with others and send more families your way. Thanks so much!

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