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Welcome to the Homburg Photography Blog!

We are Karl and Stephanie Homburg, a husband and wife team of portrait and wedding photographers working throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

We love people in love, squishy newborns, energetic toddlers, grown ups who can laugh at themselves, and clients who forget we are taking their picture. We pride ourselves in capturing the moments and details you don't want to forget.

We invite you to take a peek at our most recent sessions, and then contact us to schedule a session of your own!

Brandon and Katie: Married June 27, 2009 {Wisconsin Wedding Photography}

STEVENS POINT, Wis: June 27th was a big day for Brandon and Katie and a big day for me and AJ. Their wedding was the first on our schedule after AJ’s birth so June 27th was the first day mama and baby were all alone. We survived very well just the two of us but from what I hear I missed a great day with the happy couple.

Here are a few images that stood out to me as I was editing:

Such a classic moment, and a picture to keep around for this little guy’s wedding some day :)

Katie comes from a very talented family. How cool to be able to include your siblings in the ceremony.

And how cool for those siblings to have a few snacks for a job well done! I cracked up when I came across this little detail.

Such a perfect post ceremony moment. You can almost feel their joy as they stand in the receiving line thanking their guests.

I remember these two being ridiculously cute together during their engagement session. I can see that nothing changed between the engagement session and the wedding day. Equally as cute, just in fancier clothing.

Brandon and Katie, best of luck as you guys start your new lives together!

Enjoy your slideshow.

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Enjoy married life!

Chris and Kris: Married June 6, 2009 {Green Bay Wedding Photographer}

GREEN BAY, Wis: The last time we saw Kris and Chris, I was pretty sure we were all going to float away. The weekend we chose to travel to Chicago for their engagement session turned out to be the weekend the remnants of a hurricane flooded Chicago. We had no choice but to make it work, so we put the rainbow umbrella to good use. Who knew 9 months later we would be whipping out that umbrella once again on their wedding day?

Chris and Kris chose to see each other before the ceremony, which allowed time for a few outdoor pictures before the rain started. A walking trail on the church grounds offered a beautiful and secluded place for their portraits.

There were many personal touches included in Chris and Kris’s wedding day. I thought it was really neat that the couple chose to greet their guests as they arrived at the ceremony, rather than having a receiving line afterward.

Our trusty rainbow umbrella kept the couple dry for a few more portraits after the ceremony at a nearby park. Just as they were on the day of their engagement session, Kris and Chris were totally willing to go with the flow.

Since the rain showed no signs of stopping, a trip to the Lambeau Field Atrium was in order….even though Chris is a fan of some other team we won’t mention. I love the soft light in this image. Even rainy days have good points.

And of course no trip to 1265 Lombardi would be complete without a toast at Curly’s Pub.

Kris and Chris, we know your ability to weather the storms will come in handy as you start your new lives together. We wish you all the best.

Enjoy your slideshow.

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Stephanie and Chris: Married May 30, 2009 {Oshkosh Wedding Photography}

OSHKOSH, Wis: Let’s travel back in time, shall we? It’s hard for me to remember a day when we weren’t living on little sleep, keeping track of dirty diapers, and enjoying every moment of our life as a family of three. But back on May 30th, AJ hadn’t yet made his grand entrance into the world. Instead, I was sporting a gigantic baby belly:

Since that belly (and the swollen ankles and feet that accompanied it) made it hard for me to get around that late in pregnancy, Karl shot Stephanie and Chris’s wedding without me. Our good friend Heidi Selch agreed to join our team for the summer while I took a brief maternity leave.

Needless to say it’s a little hard for me to blog a wedding I wasn’t a part of, but I still want to share some of the images that stood out to me.

Stephanie and Chris chose to see each other before the ceremony and get all of their portraits out of the way. This is a great idea for any of you working on the time line for your day.  We can arrange a “first look” moment for the bride and groom so the moment you see each other is special and private. And I can promise it doesn’t take any of the excitement out of walking down the aisle.

Here are some images captured during Stephanie and Chris’s first look:

Chris and Stephanie were married at the First Congregational Church of Oshkosh.

Isn’t it beautiful? All that wood just looks so rich in the photographs. I hope we get to shoot there again!

Stephanie and Chris, we wish you all the best in your new married life!

Enjoy your slideshow.

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Four Weddings and a Miracle {Appleton Wedding Photographer}

(Alternate Title: Why this blog has been quiet for the past six weeks)

Look! It’s a new blog post from us! I promise I’ve had good intentions to update the blog over the past several weeks but we’ve kind of had our hands full. Literally.

Allow me to introduce you to the “miracle” part of this blog entry:

Anderson James Homburg arrived one week before his due date on 6/11/09. It’s a good thing he came early since he already weighed 9lbs 2.8oz at birth! I’m sure I’m pretty biased, but I think A.J. is the best, sweetest, most amazing baby in the entire world. And I still feel this way at 3 in the morning when he doesn’t want to sleep and at 3 in the afternoon when I’m on my third shirt because he’s peed/pooped/spit up on the previous outfits.

June isn’t exactly the most ideal time of year for a pair of wedding photographers to have their first child, but we’ve been blessed with help from an amazing photographer to help us through this busy season. Heidi of HJ Selch Photography took my place in late May when my huge swollen ankles and even bigger baby belly made it nearly impossible to walk. While I really miss being there to shoot on the wedding day, I still get to be a part of the experience. You didn’t think those hundreds of images edit themselves did you?

So, without further ado, here is a quick peek at the four In This Moment Photography couples you’ll be seeing more of in the next few days as I attempt to get this blog up to date.

Stephanie and Chris tied the knot in Oshkosh on 5.30.09

Kris and Chris braved a wedding day rain out for some fun with our rainbow umbrella on 6.6.09

Brandon and Katie’s wedding in Stevens Point on 6.27.09 took Karl back to one of his favorite places to shoot, the grounds at Sentry Insurance.

And finally, Heidi and Steve will never look at Independence Day the same way after their beautiful wedding on 7.04.09

Each of these couples will have their own blog entry in the coming days, so check back often for more updates! And I’m sure we’ll squeeze in a few pictures of AJ along the way. Once he’s old enough, I’m sure he’ll run from the camera but for now he’s a willing model for us!

Ryan and Carlene: Married May 16, 2009 {Wisconsin Wedding Photography}

CEDARBURG, Wis: Pull up a chair, blog readers…this is going to be a long one. In fact, I’m going to try and keep the words to a minimum since I have so many images I want to share from Carlene and Ryan’s perfect day. Of course, I say I’m not going to say much, but sometimes I can’t help it. Especially when the subject is people I LOVE so much!

So, here we go…

This is Carlene’s dad as he got his first look at the last of his daughters to be married off. Now, we all know I have a thing for dads. That soft spot grows when it comes to dads with multiple girls. Warren has three girls. Confession: I plan to ask him to adopt me too. A girl can always use another dad, right?

Carlene’s mom is also very high on the list of people I love. I know few people who are more organized than Connie. And she definitely passed those organization skills on to her daughters. I think the day was so laid back in large part due to the fact that the Schmidt girls were in control of all the details.

I am notorious for taking pictures of people taking pictures. This one made me wonder what they were giggling about!

Carlene was so anxious to get the ceremony started. Here she is in the last moments with her dad before heading down the aisle. It was pretty tough to peek through that tiny crack in the door!

Inside the church, the crowd was just as excited to get things started. I love this moment Karl captured between the parents of the groom as they waited for Carlene to make her grand entrance.

During the ceremony, Carlene’s nephew Charlie kept some of the guests entertained with his adorable smile.

Speaking of smiles, this moment right after the unity candle lighting was classic. One of the wobbly candles fell over and Carlene’s best attempts to fix it failed. Everyone got a good laugh.

After they were pronounced husband and wife, the newlyweds went pew by pew to thank their guests for coming. It was the perfect time for a great big hug from niece Abbey.

You may wonder what Carlene is laughing at. The truth is, there was no funny joke. That laugh is in response to a very pregnant photographer trying to “crouch down” to get a good angle on the bouquet. I was laughing too.

The Kison family farm was the perfect spot for some celebrating and picture taking with the bridal party!

Just a week before their wedding, Ryan lost his grandmother unexpectedly. We stopped at her home to capture her beautiful gardens.

This picture was a special request from the Kison family. That’s their farm in the background! Cool, right?

As guests arrived at the reception, they were greeted by lots of personalized details, including this monogram in the wedding colors!

Another really cool detail: instead of your regular table numbers, each table was numbered with a number important to the couple!

This was totally a first for us: a tractor at the reception. It totally fit right in and provided a great spot for the band to set up for the evening!

In case anyone is wondering: THIS is the way you make your grand entrance to the reception!

Carlene and Ryan, we can’t thank you enough for including us in your special day. We are so happy for you guys to start this new chapter in your lives together. We look forward to seeing you guys soon (like tomorrow) and hearing all about your awesome honeymoon roadtrip!

Here is your slideshow.

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Enjoy married life!

All is Well! {Appleton Photographer}

Just a quick note to let everyone know our galleries and ordering system are back up and running.

Thanks for putting up with us!

I’ll be back in a couple of days with more from Carlene and Ryan’s awesome wedding day!

Whoops! {Appleton Photography}

Don’t you just love technology? We sure do….except for when it doesn’t work.

If you’ve tried to access our ordering galleries, you already know that something isn’t quite right over there. We’re aware of the problem and we’re working to get it fixed with some help from our tech support folks. Things should be back up and running by the end of the week…just in time for me to post Carlene and Ryan’s wedding!

Thanks for bearing with us!

Monday Moments: Carlene and Ryan Edition {Wisconsin Wedding Photographer}

CEDARBURG, Wis: I’m not even sure how to start this Monday Moments other than to say we LOVE Carlene and Ryan. And now, after a weekend with their families, we officially love the WHOLE Schmidt/Kison clan! In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that Carlene is the sister of one of my very best friends, and auntie to three of the most adorable children that Karl and I are lucky enough to hang out with on a regular basis. So unlike most weddings where we know just the bride and groom, we went into this weekend feeling like a part of the family. And just like members of the family, we laughed, we (or rather I) cried, and we had a complete blast!

Here are just a handful of shots that stood out to me this evening:

Carlene was worried she wouldn’t smile enough in the hours leading up to her wedding ceremony. She even came to the getting ready room prepared with a playlist free of sappy music so the girls could dance. The truth is there were PLENTY of smiles. See, she’s totally glowing!

Her groom Ryan had plenty of smiles of his own. Karl met up with the guys at the Kison family farm where a couple of cute family pets were ready to steal the show.

Karl grabbed this moment right after the ceremony and it is definitely one of my favorites from the day. Joy, relief, and excitement all wrapped into one!

Did I mention that they had an absolutely textbook perfect weather wedding day? Nothing but blue skies and puffy white clouds!

And because I can’t help myself, I have to share a couple of fun outtakes:

This one is just for my mom. Mom LOVES cows more than anyone I know and I know she would be so jealous to know I got to pet some baby cows in between taking wedding party pictures at the Kisons. I think this little guy slobbered on me a bit.

And I’m sharing this one just because it made me laugh. I was being all ninja photographer up in the balcony during the ceremony when Sean almost blew my cover! I guess I wasn’t being so sneaky after all! Thanks for not outing me to the whole church buddy!

Here’s to a great week! Happy Monday!

P.S. You know what would really make my week? If we got some real blog comments! It’s so sad to sign into the blog and find nothing but spam ads for Viagra! Help a girl out, won’t ya?

Brad and Michelle: Married May 2nd, 2009 {Green Bay Wedding Photography}

GREEN BAY, Wis: Two weeks ago, Brad and Michelle helped us kick off the 2009 summer wedding season with a bang. After a few days of rain and cold, we lucked out with some gorgeous blue skies for their wedding day. We did, however, have to battle some crazy wind when we were outside! Thankfully everyone was game to brave the wind and nobody blew away!

If I’ve learned anything during my time in the getting ready room, it’s that it really does take a village to put on a wedding dress. Sometimes I wonder when bridesmaids sign on to be in the wedding party if they know exactly what they’re getting themselves in to!

While the girls were inside getting ready, the guys were outside decorating the car for the newlyweds. The crazy wind I mentioned earlier called for the use of duct tape and lots of creativity.

Back inside, this little man caused quite a stir among the bridesmaids. Granted I’m dealing with plenty of pregnancy hormones, but really, it doesn’t get any cuter than that right?

These next two photos go together. They were taken just moments apart and I think they both really speak to the anticipation for the bride and groom in the moments before the ceremony.

First, the bride:

Once the dress is on, the bride has little else to do but think about what’s about to happen.

And there’s just as much anticipation for the groom as he prepares to walk into the sanctuary.

And then there’s the moment we’re all waiting for: when Brad gets his first glimpse of Michelle walking down the aisle!

Less than an hour later, they’re married! And now it’s off for pictures and partying!

Since we’re still pretty early in the wedding season, we only had to share Pamprin Park with one other bridal party! These guys had lots of ideas for some fun group shots.

And then we had some quiet time with just Brad and Michelle. To me this picture is pure newlywed excitement!

Michelle chose to incorporate lots of color into the wedding and the flowers were probably my favorite part. They were SO vibrant!

Ah, the first first dance of Summer 2009. They sang to eachother as they danced. And I cried. Pretend you’re shocked!

Speaking of crying, I think I laughed until I cried during the grand march. I knew the bridal party was a fun group of people and they definitely didn’t let me down!

Brad and Michelle, thanks so much for asking us to be a part of your day! Karl and I had so much fun and we are so excited for you to start your new life together.

We hope you enjoy your slideshow here.

You can find your gallery here.

And the first cheese shot of Summer 2009. Pretend it’s not blurry! It was late!!

The Return of Monday Moments: Michelle and Brad Edition {Green Bay Wedding Photographer}

GREEN BAY, Wis: Hey look! We’re still here! I know the blog has been a bit (or more than a bit) dead over the past few months as we hibernated our way through another long Wisconsin winter, but we’re BACK! I can promise an exciting summer on the In This Moment Photography Blog filled with fun couples and the arrival of an adorable baby. For those that haven’t heard we’re expecting the next generation of ITMP to arrive in June!

So, now that spring has finally sprung here in NE Wisconsin, I’m happy to share some images from our first wedding of the busy season. It always feels so great for us to get back into our wedding routine after a nice long break. This year we were lucky enough to work with Brad and Michelle who were so happy to be getting married that they didn’t mind us being so excited to be taking pictures again!

It wasn’t easy to pick just three moments to sneak peek tonight but here’s what I came up with:

I just loved this “post first kiss” ceremony moment. Brad and Michelle were just giddy!

This is what happened when I asked Brad how skilled he was in the art of dipping his bride. It appears perhaps they had been practicing!

And finally, one of my favorite reception moments. Otis, the master of ceremonies, demanded Brad perform a dance for the ladies during garter retrieval. With some costume help from a nearby guest, Brad channeled his inner cowboy.

There are many, many more moments to share from this weekend, which will keep me busy editing for the next several days, but check back late next week for more!

Happy Monday! It feels good to be back!